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Email by numbers, compared to Social Networks

Managing Time, Part 2 | Dr. Peter Denning and Ritu Raj

Masterful time management means not just tracking of messages in your personal environment, but managing your coordination network with others. Download article

Email in a Social World

Email was the original social network Accounts: 3 times as many email accounts as Facebook and Twitter combined. Social Activity: total posts on Facebook and Twitter combined add up to 0.2% of email traffic. Searches: total number of searches on …

Have our email habits changed, Great Infographics

Collaboration in a multi-cultural environment

First, let’s define collaboration: people working together on something, they could be collaborating in real-time in a meeting or using tools like Webex, or even micro-blogging. Or they could be collaborating asynchronously (not real-time) using email. Collaboration as we are …

Change Agency and Transformologies Part II

Design Principles In understanding how technologies can support self-fulfillment, and the designer’s role as shaper of perception, we have the opportunity to apply a new perspective to the considerations we make on a daily basis. Here are some principles to …

Change Agency and Transformologies Part I

Understanding the power of design to facilitate positive change in the end-user. By Eric Bailey, Principal Designer, frog San Francisco I believe that people carry with them hidden notions of the self and what they can and should be – …

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