Email in a Social World

Email was the original social network

  • Accounts: 3 times as many email accounts as Facebook and Twitter combined.
  • Social Activity: total posts on Facebook and Twitter combined add up to 0.2% of email traffic.
  • Searches: total number of searches on Google, Yahoo and Bing combined equals just 1.1% of email traffic.
  • There are 2.9 Billion email accounts, generating 188 Billion messages.


Q1. What are areas where Social Media is more effective than email? For example instead of soliciting over email, solicit over LinkedIn.

Q2. What are areas where email is the only solution for communication in a social economy? For example area of collaboration and coordination.

Q3. How can we bring some of the great features of social media into email? Like tagging groups conversation by context.

Q4. How can we move some of the relationship oriented conversations from email to social media and other sharing platforms?

Q5. What addon’s and functionality that you will like to see in email clients, for better access to social networks, coordinating and collaborating with others?


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