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Email by numbers, compared to Social Networks

Managing Time, Part 2 | Dr. Peter Denning and Ritu Raj

Masterful time management means not just tracking of messages in your personal environment, but managing your coordination network with others. Download article

Email in a Social World

Email was the original social network Accounts: 3 times as many email accounts as Facebook and Twitter combined. Social Activity: total posts on Facebook and Twitter combined add up to 0.2% of email traffic. Searches: total number of searches on …

Have our email habits changed, Great Infographics

Collaboration in a multi-cultural environment

First, let’s define collaboration: people working together on something, they could be collaborating in real-time in a meeting or using tools like Webex, or even micro-blogging. Or they could be collaborating asynchronously (not real-time) using email. Collaboration as we are …

How can we abstract intelligence out of email?

One of the way email is used is to record agreements (micro) between people. It serves as a tool to memorializing these small agreements. I just finished a lunch meeting with a friend, and walking away I would start composing …

Change Agency and Transformologies Part II

Design Principles In understanding how technologies can support self-fulfillment, and the designer’s role as shaper of perception, we have the opportunity to apply a new perspective to the considerations we make on a daily basis. Here are some principles to …

Change Agency and Transformologies Part I

Understanding the power of design to facilitate positive change in the end-user. By Eric Bailey, Principal Designer, frog San Francisco I believe that people carry with them hidden notions of the self and what they can and should be – …

Announcing OrchestratorMail for Android

OrchestratorMail Conversation Starter for Android Download OrchestratorMail Conversation Starter for Android from the Android Market, by searching for “OrchMail” or by clicking here. The current version supports 2.0 or higher.

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