Orchestrator Mail - Email Coordination for the Collaborative Business Community
Miscoordination can cost you the game...
The flood of email can be overwhelming...
It can be easy to miss the point...
Losing track can be costly...

OrchestratorMail is order in a flood of cluttery correspondences.

OrchestratorMail is like a common thread that tracks, manages and organizes your email exchanges and correspondences. OrchestratorMail systematizes all of your communications into trackable, actionable, and results-oriented deliverables. Be your most organized professional self with OrchestratorMail by coordinating conveniently and harmoniously while eliminating clutter, stress and lost time.

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OrchestratorMail is efficiency in a world full of miscoordination.

OrchestratorMail glues the ball to your hand so you never drop it by intuitively and effectively keeping track of communications and important business correspondences. OrchestratorMail displays a structured conversation list that provides at-a-glance context and clarifies tangible actions and next steps.

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OrchestratorMail is the cure for common communication complications.

OrchestratorMail provides its users with Open Conversation Summaries: a daily record of correspondences in and out. These summaries clearly highlight the purpose, request, action and timeline of your messages and deliverables. Open Conversation Summaries provide a simple and structured workflow that reduces time, stress, and confusion.

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OrchestratorMail is a direct line of correspondence in a multitude of distractions and obstacles.

Emails are full of extraneous information and dialogue that eat up valuable time and resources. OrchestratorMail eliminates the clutter of back-and-forth correspondences by instantly displaying common goals and follow-up steps. This way, workflow is streamlined, coordination is optimized, time and resources are saved and results are produced.

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OrchestratorMail is harmony and balance in a barrage of communication chaos.

OrchestratorMail creates seamless follow-through that results in productive outcomes. OrchestratorMail sees every team project to its completion through tracking, highlighting actionable items and intelligently structuring all conversations. Instead of a thread or a web of communication, OrchestratorMail provides a direct line.

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Email by numbers, compared to Social Networks


Managing Time, Part 2 | Dr. Peter Denning and Ritu Raj

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How it works

An Application Layer designed to
fit seamlessly over your existing email.

Whether your business uses Microsoft Office, Gmail, or a combination of platforms, OrchestratorMail is designed to fit seamlessly over your current system. OrchestratorMail is also compatible with all major browser platforms and designed to work with any email-enabled device.

It starts with an email

Define the purpose of the conversation

With OrchestratorMail every conversation is defined at the outset so that the intention is clear every step of the way, from start to finish until the desired outcome is achieved.

State the Project and Due Date

By stating the Project and Due Date, the email is automatically tracked in accordance with specific deadlines. This relieves the burden to constantly keep track of every project and make sure nothing slips though the cracks.

Clear Response

Create a Structured Response

OrchestratorMail lets you create a clear response in a single click, saving you time, clarifying your role, and reducing the chance of confusion or ambiguity.

Common Language = Clarity

OrchestratorMail defines a language and a corresponding set of labels for every response. This way the recipient immediately understands the response as it relates to the requested action. The common language of OrchestratorMail ensures that everyone is on the exact same page every step of the way.

Track the Conversation

Mary asks John to send her the updated report.

John says he is presently updating the report.

Mary can either be satisfied and close the conversation or keep it open until the task is complete.

John sends the report and asks Mary if it is satisfactory.

Mary looks at it. She is satisfied and thanks John.

The conversation is complete.

Conversation Summary

Dashboard of open Conversations

See all open conversations in a single snapshot OrchestratorMail's daily snapshot summaries abstracts the intelligence out of every open conversation so that clear actions and next steps are immediately revealed and workflow is optimized.

In a single click, you can open any conversation right from the summary, and respond.

Conversation Server

Conversation Server is available as a hosted service or it can be licensed to operate in your own environment --> see PRICING

Authenticates users and manages the states of back and forth communication

Transforms xml to html interface with easy to respond buttons

Synchronizes due dates between users keeping everyone on the same timeline

Generates and delivers daily reports to users

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The benefits

Don't drop the ball

OrchestratorMail ensures requests for coordination and due dates never go unmet. OrchestratorMail, email collaboration is organized into clearly defined requests, action items, and structures an easy-to-understand workflow by reducing the clutter and defining what's needed and what's next.

Productivity and effective coordination are achieved through OrchestratorMail's unique system of defining requests/offers; creating a common taxonomy; defining a clear due date; and creating a clear conversation summary that increases accountability, follow-through, and efficiency. The unique one-touch system seamlessly provides structure, helping to minimize misinterpretation and maximize efficiency.

Get straight to the point

An employee in corporate America receives an average of 180 emails per day, and nearly 45 percent of those emails aren't relevant to the immediate tasks at hand.

OrchestratorMail abstracts the intelligence out of every open conversation so that clear actions and next steps are immediately revealed and workflow is optimized.

All open conversations are listed with clearly defined next steps either due to you, or from you. And each snapshot provides an explicit due date, structured workflow, and clear visibility of open projects and next steps to help reduce stress, time, and confusion.

Avoid the flood of information

Coordinating and working with others is critical to an efficient workplace. OrchestratorMail removes the ambiguity and clutter of back-and-forth dialogue by abstracting critical information and revealing easy-to-understand actionable items and common goals.

OrchestratorMail creates a structured workflow for every email correspondence and clearly displays requests, offers, reminders, and goals so that follow-through is automated, confusion is eliminated, and common goals are achieved.

Stay on track

OrchestratorMail eliminates the need to keep track of multiple email conversations, requests, and due dates. In a single OrchestratorMail and Open Conversation Summary, emails are quickly turned into a clearly structured workflow and next action steps so that projects with others can easily be brought to fulfillment on time and more efficiently.

Each day, an Open Conversation Summary is created that reveals ongoing commitments, agreements, and undelivered items. Each one offers a clear view of critical and ongoing exchanges with others, and reveals to-do action items still unfilled. Time is saved. Coordination is optimized. Confusion is eliminated.

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One Touch Response On-the-go

The OrchestratorMail App is available on your mobile device. Now with a single touch, you can respond to important emails. When you get back to the office your response appears in the conversation summary. No more writing yourself reminders to follow up. Now you can relax and let OrchestratorMail keep track. Coordinating on-the-go has never been so easy.

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Who it's for

Orchestrator Mail

An Application for the collaborative
business community

OrchestratorMail is for businesses that depends on effective coordination with others.

An employee in corporate America receives an average of 180 emails per day, and nearly 45 percent of those emails aren't revenant to the immediate tasks at hand. What's more, the increase in communication platforms, including IM and social-media apps for corporations, actually escalates interruption, confusion, and miscommunication. And with all this back and forth there is no often common language to establish expectations, set timelines, and clearly define the goal.

According to recent research, 47 percent of the average company's primary function has moved from production and transaction to collaboration and coordination.



The success of a project depends on the team's ability to coordinate efficiently. OrchestratorMail ensures follow through and accountability by keeping track of WHO will do WHAT by WHEN. Manager and team members can focus more on deliverables and less on trying to keep track of it all.



Executives are overloaded with email on a daily basis, and around half of those emails aren't revenant to the tasks at hand. OrchestratorMail cuts through the clutter, saving time, reducing stress and making sure that important communications don't slip though the cracks.

Global Workforce

Global Workforce

In today's business environment email coordination across countries and cultures is commonplace. OrchestratorMail creates a common taxonomy around actions, creating clear intentions and timelines regardless of language and culture.

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What people are saying about OrchestratorMail:

I am finding OrchestratorMail to be an extremely useful tool. It is the first time that I've actually felt as though I have visibility into what is going on across all of the key initiatives the people in my department are pursuing. I am currently tracking approximately 100 deliverables across 20 key projects and am able to see when things are past due, drive discussions of status and have a record of accomplishments that I can use to keep *my* management informed of what's going on. It also underscores the individuals that have the most trouble in managing commitments.

The daily summaries work well as a personal productivity tool and orient me toward the things that I really need to take care of. My practice is to look at the date summary of open items at the beginning of every day, send "nudges" to the people that are past due, and make sure I'm on top of the things that *I* need to take care of. During the day I receive emails and status updates on the various projects. Every other week or so I look at what's been accomplished in the last 2 weeks and will be accomplished in the next 2 in order to build a status report for the CFO.

Ken Brooks | SVP, Global Production & Manufacturing Services | Cengage Learning

In 25 years of introducing Commitment-based Management to companies, I have seen all kinds of software tools seeking to integrate the principles for action-based communication with email. OrchestratorMail does it better than any of them.

Christopher Davis | Managing Director | The Stratam Group

Our customers include:

Cengage Learning

Cengage is one of the largest publishers of textbooks in the US. OrchestratorMail is used by the leadership team to track initiatives and projects across the Global Supply Chain and Manufacturing division.

Community Development Institute (CDI)

CDI is a large Federally funded non-profit specializing in turning around of Public Schools. OrchestratorMail is used between the leadership team and site managers to foster a coordinated action environment, and ensuring that nothing gets dropped out.

NWP Corporation

One of the largest apartment utility company, uses OrchestratorMail to coordinate between service center and all the other divisions to coordinate different services or issues for their customers.

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About us

Who We Are

Ritu Raj

Ritu Raj is a seasoned entrepreneur and executive with more than 22 years of experience in IT and five years in high-end consumer products and services.

In 2005 Ritu founded Wag Hotels, the largest chain of high-end hotels for dogs. After raising $11M from friends and family for the venture, the company generates more than $7M of revenue annually. Wag Hotels developed into a major brand success story in the Bay Area in only two years.

Previously, Ritu was a partner at Accenture. Before his time at Accenture, Ritu founded Avasta, one of the first companies to offer cloud computing. In 2000, Ritu successfully raised $50M in equity for Avasta, whose substantial investors included American Express, HP and Accenture, and in 2002 was acquired by Navisite.

In 2008, Ritu left Wag Hotels operations in the hand of his able CFO to return to his first love of communication systems and practices. His goal was to create a new email solution. He worked for 18 months building a standalone email communication platform, where he was introduced to the work of Terry Winograd, Fernando Flores and John Searle, the proponents of Language Action Perspective.

Harold Gray Harold Gray had developed a unique approach for creating structure over email communication, using a system of same-language action paradigm over a period of 10 years. Prior to that Harold had 30+ years of experience within the IT industry. He held technology and management roles in numerous technology startups. One startup became the premier developer of integrated collaboration and messaging solutions for Microsoft-based products, including Exchange and Outlook. It was acquired by IT Factory in 2001.

Harold is a true technology geek and a hardcore engineer. Ritu understands technology and is a visionary with a proven track record in taking large ideas to market. He specializes in creating strong brands and great customer experiences based on a innovative solutions and depth of technology that make life easier. This was the genesis of OrchestratorMail.

Advisory Board: OrchestratorMail has a very active advisory board consisting of Professor Terry Winograd (Professor of Computer Science, Stanford University), Sunil Paul (Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist) and Chris Davis (Management Consultant).

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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

With the move to a collaborative economy, a distributed global workforce, and cross-functional business units, email has become a standard of communication.

Email is an incredible tool for communication, its ubiquitous, it provides for asynchronous communication over time zones and finally is also become a mode for documenting communication. However the unstructured and the mass of email, has become a major issue.

OrchestratorMail was designed to bring structure to the social, collaborative and global world of email and was heavily influenced by Philosophy of Language from John Austin, John Searle, Fernando Flores, Terry Winograd and Thomas Reid.

Coordination is distinct from collaboration.

Coordination means integrating or linking together different parts of an organization to accomplish a collective set of tasks.

Collaboration is through nonlinear creative processes (no one knows exactly what they have to do until they do it, and even then the outcome is unknown) a shared understanding is created amongst the participants - one unique to those participants and that collaboration.

Personal Actions and Social Actions

Personal Actions are your to-do lists and checklists. The objectives for these tasks are personal productivity. Social Actions are actions that require more than one person and typically involve coordinating with other people's time and efforts to move the event forward. The objective is group productivity and not necessarily personal productivity. The skills change from "specialization" to "communication". Most tools focus on Personal Actions. However in a global and very collaborative environment what's needed is a tool that can focus on Social Actions.

OrchestratorMail is a unique application that helps manage the communication in a Social environment.

OrchestratorMail makes Commitment Based Management a practical reality in everyday work. Commitment Based Management is the most successful management discipline to emerge in the last four decades. Commitment Based Management puts accountability and coordination at the center of producing results. Commitment Based Management was originally developed 20 years ago by Dr. Fernando Flores and his team.

Every day the average executive and employee misses 10 to 15 percent of email messages, which results in seriously decreased productivity.

An employee in corporate America receives an average of 180 emails per day, and nearly 45 percent of those emails aren't relevant to the immediate tasks at hand.

What's more, the increase in communication platforms, including IM and social-media apps for corporations, actually escalates interruption, confusion and miscommunication.

In a global and multicultural work environment, the interpretation of the message may be ambiguous based on the language and culture of the recipient.

Misinterpretation can be costly. And too much information and back-and-forth dialogue can be overwhelming, time-consuming and and confusing.

According to recent research, most people spend 45 percent of their time at work in Outlook or other email systems. And most employees spend an average of 1.8 hours a day simply trying to keep track of email conversations and requests.

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